Gear Gift Ideas

We look at some gift ideas for the gear / gadget fan

Tools Aviation Battery Holder…
Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries
Victorinox Knives (the Original)
Keychain Whistle / Emergency Whistle…
Grimloc Locking D-ring
Emergency / Backup Cell Phone
Travel Tripod (Radio Shack)…
Pocket Multi-Tools (Leatherman, SOG, Gerber, etc)…
Swiss-Tek Utili-Key
Knife Sharpener (Benchmade, Lansky, etc)
LED ZipperPull / Lanyard Clip
Zippka LED Headlamp
E+Lite LED Headlamp……
Tool Logic Survival Card…
Adventure Medical Kits…
Surefire G2 Lights…
Green Laser Pointer
550 Cord

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DVD America Stories of War

A cool DVD box set we just bought
Run Time: 10200 minutes !!!

Over 170 hours of documentaries and feature films; The Civil War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict

Over 100 hours of content is documentary-based, actual combat footage, rare interviews, battle re-enactments and rare photos

In addition, this 36 DVD set includes 50 Classic Movies with over 70 hours of feature war films.

This set packaged in a tin shaped like an ammo box.

Films Included:
1. Adventures of Tartu, The
2. Aerial Gunner
3. Battle of Blood Island
4. Battle of El Alamein, The
5. Battle of the Eagles
6. Big Lift, The
7. Black Brigade
8. Blood on the Sun
9. Bombs over Burma
10. British Intelligence
11. Bushwhackers, The
12. Commandos
13. Corregidor
14. Dawn Express, The
15. Desert Commandos
16. Drums In the Deep South
17. Eagle in a Cage
18. Go For Broke!
19. Gung Ho!
20. Hearts in Bondage
21. Hell in Normandy
22. Hitler’s S.S.
23. Identity Unknown
24. Immortal Battalion, The
25. Iron Angel
26. Kansas Pacific
27. Lady from Chungking, The
28. Last Chance, The
29. Marines are Coming, The
30. Mark of the Hawk, The
31. Minesweeper
32. Mutiny
33. Navy Way, The
34. One of our Aircraft is Missing
35. Outpost in Morocco
36. Pacific Inferno
37. Proud and the Damned, The
38. Spitfire
39. Steel Claw, The
40. Submarine Alert
41. Submarine Base
42. Sundown
43. Then There Were Three
44. They Raid By Night
45. This is the Army
46. Three Came Home
47. Torch, The
48. War Devils
49. War Head
50. Yellowneck

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